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What Do I Need To Do Receive A Certificate of Completion?

That answer depends on the type of delivery method you are viewing:


If viewing a video on demand with CE webcast – this type of delivery method contains 3 polling questions per hour that must be responded to within 30 seconds. Please note there is no right answer to these questions; the system is strictly looking for a response. If you miss 1 question you will be given another opportunity to continue the class. If you miss 2 questions you will not be able to complete the class for CE! You may continue to view the class for reference purposes only but not for CE. No refunds will be provided if you miss 2 questions.


If viewing a live webcast (date/time specific) - this type of delivery method displays 4 unique code letters throughout the webcast. Please keep track of these letters although you will be given an opportunity to acknowledge them as they appear. Each letter will be displayed at least twice, for about 30 seconds each time. To enter these letters as you see them, click on the "Save Code Letter" button inthe top left of your screen. This will automatically input your letter codes into the certification tab. We recommend following this method.


Alternatively; you can input the codes manually in the Participation Code section on the Certificate Tab of the viewer after the class. Using either method, you will still need to submit your code letters by clicking on the Submit button in the Participation Code section on the Certificate tab. Once you have submitted the codes correctly, your certificate will be issued. You can either download or email your certificate to yourself.

Should you have any questions, please contact the CE21 Help Desk at 1-877- 602-9877 or e-mail

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